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Dragon Tiger BetsHow to WinPayoutRTP/ House Edge /Probability
DragonDragon gets card with highest value1:196.27%/3.73%/46.26%
TigerTiger gets card with highest value1:196.27%/3.73%/46.26%
TieDragon and Tiger card have equal value8:1/11:1*89.64%/13.16%/7.47%

*The variation in Tie payout depends on if the game also offers the Suited Tie bet or not.

Side Bets

Side bets are great additions to the standard game of Dragon Tiger, but it’s worth noting that side bets are not guaranteed at all online Dragon Tiger live tables.

While the Suited Tie bet does appear at Evolution’s Dragon Tiger table, and bets like odd, even, red, and black are available at Asia Gaming’s version of the game, your best bet of finding these other betting options is with RNG-Dragon Tiger games.

🐉Dragon Tiger Online🐉

(dragon 7×24)